It's me

Fab Academy Student, Electronic Engineer and Entrepreneur

Hi, I'm Jorge Valerio Araoz, I was born in Cusco but I grew up in Lima, the capital of Peru. I studied Electronic Engineer because I like robots and always dream about to develop and build them. My first job was in a videogames company, was an interesting experience, we developed a robot boxing trainer called Boxing Box, I was incharged of electronics (pcb, sensors, actuators, etc.) then I worked teaching robotics for kids, making robots from recycled electronics and then using LEGO Mindstorms. I also taught digital electronics for kids. My last job was in an industrial automation company, there I learned to program in LabVIEW, I began working at support area, then as developer and finally as a sales engineer. Nowadays, I work as a freelance and I'm founding my own company. I entered to the Fab Academy to learn all about Digital Fabrication and apply it to my projects.

I have coached a couple of teams in the First LEGO League and I have been Judge of FLL and WRO many times. I'm a Transformers colector, I love LEGOs, Rubik's Cubes, Robots, Science Fiction Books and Movies, Animes, Comics and TV Series. I'm a fan of the Sporting Cristal soccer team as my father. I'm Member of IEEE and Robotics and Automation Society(RAS).

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