For this week, output device, I choose to make one board for Led RGB and one board for DC motor. I made the electronic scheme with one RGB Led, one regulator, and two pin for the external voltage.

Led RGB Schematic.

After that, I prepared the board design.

Led RGB Board design.

I prepared the PNG file and I milled it.

Milling board.

I soldered all elements.

Board soldered.

I upload the program on the board, I tried it, and I saw that I worked fine.

Fab ISP wired.

Programming board.

For the second exercise, I wanted to make one board for DC motor.
As ever, I prepared the schematic and board design.

At first time, I made one important mistake, I choose one big Attiny 44, I realized it only when I went to soldering the Attiny!

Wrong board.

Therefore, I redesign all file and milled it another time.

DC motor schematic.

DC motor board design.

Milling board.

Programming board.

I soldered all components, but when I went to try the board, it not worked well. I could to upload the file, but the DC motor didn’t work. I check all wire, and I saw that I didn’t connect one pin of motor drive to GND. So I tried to connect it with one electric wire, and after the board worked well.

Fixed board error.

For extra credit and for our Machine Building assignment, I tried to make one electromagnet for attract and repel the pixel of monitor.

Therefore, I took one old speaker and I disassembled it, for to take the copper wire coiled.

Old speaker.

Disassembling the speaker.

The copper wire was very thin, I had difficulty for to find the starting point of it.

Searching the start point of the rolling up.

I tried to roll it up on the M3 bolt, but I thought that it could be better to use one small nail.

M3 bolt rolling up.

Therefore, I tried it with one nail and it worked well. However, the electromagnet it was not strong, furthermore, you can see in the video that after a few seconds it was overheated. Anyway I tried to use one big wire, but I could not to make it work well.

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