For the Machine Building assignment, I’m working with Matteo Sirizzotti.

We have decided to make one machine that simulated a physical display with one solenoid, two axis, and one “display” made with perforated surface and one matrix of 36 x 36 points of elements that moved back and forth, creating a 3D effect. The idea is move the solenoid along xy axes and push the elements one to one forward drawing something on display. For this exercise, we decided to draw on display the “Tris Game”. In the first time, we divided the assignment, I studied the design and the mechanical of movement, I never did this, but I can try to do this, with 3D software and simulate the movement, by hand. Instead, Matteo studied the electronics production, and programming.

You can see more detail about design and programming in this common project page.

Final test - Machine Building from Mario Fullone on Vimeo.

Video Testing Machine

Test Machine Building_02 from Mario Fullone on Vimeo.

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