I'm a italian Industrial Designer. I have been a freelance designer, for some years, working by internet for many world companies. I went to Singapore for work and to learn English at school. I have designed many modern sculptures for Hotel and Luxury Condominium. My interest include any modern design, especially organic and generative forms, inspired from Nature. I'd like to learn better the electronic programming for the interactive design, I'm attracted from it.

For many years I used only 3D software, it will be interesting can to learn many new program in many new fields and improve the software that I already learned.

After many researches, I found what I could do for the final project. I've read about soft robot technologies, it's very interesting. Because this technology is not used yet in design projects. Usually this technology are used for robotic project, but I don’t see that it was used for design projects.

I'm attracted from this, for their movement. The soft robotics doesn't need a sophisticated mechanics part, they use only air compressed. For this, their movement are more natural and impressive. I take advantage of this technology for to make a new interesting product.

Here you can deepen my choice.

I used Linux only one time in my life, a couple years ago. I installed it, because I heard that it was very light OS. But, this time I had some problem to install Linux on my PC. After many attempts, I understood that the problem were the my computer's partitions. So, at the moment, I installed linux on a usb pen, and it run on. I saw that now the system is more simple, expecially for to install the softwares. Now, after some day, I can use it little better. But I must improve it.

I installed GitLab, Notepadqq, Gimp and Chromium. I followed this tutorial for to become familiar with the operating system again. Therefore, I installed these programs with this command, for example:

 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:notepadqq-team/notepadqq
 sudo apt-get update
 sudo apt-get install notepadqq

I never made one website, by html. Or rather, I created my personal website with simple web service like Altervista or WordPress. Anyway, I studied online the principal Tag and Html code structure. After I tried to do one simple page with html code with only text editor, where I introduced myself.

After a little time, I researched Bootstrap, which I'd never heard before, so I didn't know how could use it and how it work. After a lot of time and lot of attempts I succeeded to create one basic structured website, with homepage, about me, final project, etc.

I had a little problem with smartphone and tablet interface, but I will learn also this. Many time I had to see tables like these, where are present the principal tags.

For to write the code now I prefer Notepadqq (for Linux) or Notepad++ (for Windows). It’s a free and light software. It’s very simple to use and more useful, because in relation to which code is being used (html, css, javascript, C, C ++, etc ...), the program can help you by highlighting the tags and with many functions available.

Sometimes, especially the first times that I create the web site, I had to modify something about graphics. Therefore, I had to study and modify the css, file. For example, I had to modify it for the image that is located on top of the site and for the text.

Here I could to find many things helpful about CSS code.

At be honest, about the version control, I had big problems to learn way down the functioning. For this motivation, I preferred to try to understand well only Git, considering that I had to use GitLab for to upload the website. I used basic GitLab's commands:

git pull					[download all updates]
git add .					[add and modified the files with the new version]
git status					[check changes made]
git commit -m "description file changes made"	[create a commit with description about changes made]
git push origin master				[upload all on Git]

Anyway, I used also dropbox, for to be sure not to lose any files. In my old works, I organized my files giving a criterion of particular nomenclature, for example when I mad some 3D file, and chanced many time the version, I made a folder nominate OLD File, with all files inside. And all file are noiminated like this:

16.02.20_File example [Version 3.2]

This is a very easy way to keep you in control versions of files and access them at any time. Anyway in addiction I used Git.

I tried to see and to study another alternative to Git, like Mercurial. But it’s very similar to Git.
I found this comparison between the two, Mercurial for Git users.

I also see Trello. This, unlike the others, I found it interesting and more simple. But I think that it can be useful for one work group.

Resize quickly more pictures with Linux terminal 23.02.2016

I searched on internet one way for to resize pictures quickly all together, not one to one with Photoshop or Gimp. I knew that Photohop have a automatical function for some tool, but I prefered to learn a new more quickly and automatic way than this. I downloaded the suite of ImageMagick, that work on Linux Terminal.

 $ sudo apt-get install imagemagick 

You can go inside your directory where present your images, for example:

$ cd ~/Documents/my web site/img

After that you can just use the Terminal, for to use some tool. I wrote here some useful command. Resize an image to 75% of original size:

$ mogrify -resize 75% image.jpg

Resize all JPG files in a folder to 75% of their original size:

$ mogrify -resize 75% *.jpg

Resize all images in a folder to the new size of 640 × 480 pixels:

$ mogrify -resize 640x480' *

Resize all images in a folder to 640 pixels wide by keeping the proportions:

$ mogrify -resize width='640' *

Resize all images in a folder at the height of 480 pixels keeping proportions:

$ mogrify -resize width='x480' *

I resize all my pictures that I must upload on my web site, with resize of 20%. It's more useful, because for example one my image's directory (36 pictures) from 63,3 Mb was compressed to only 4 Mb, in only 6 seconds. Great!!!

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