About me


I am a physicist at University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC), Paris - France and cofounder (with Christian Simon) of a FabLab named FabLabSU/PMCLab located on the UPMC campus and funded by Sorbonne Universit├ęs. As a teacher, I have always been deeply involved in the training of students to experimental physics, and doing so I had many opportunities to design and build experimental setups involving sensors, actuators, automation, etc. As a researcher I work in the field of nanomagnetism and more specifically on ferrofluids that are magnetic liquids composed of magnetic nanoparticles (nanomagnets) dispersed in a liquid host. Recently I've been quite interested in the field of magnetic hyperthermia i.e. using magnetic nanoparticles submitted to radiofrequency (rf) magnetic fields as nanoheater with possible applications in cancer therapy. I am currently actively working on rf magnetic field power sources for this application. In the FabLab, when I'm not solving problems, I work on environmental sensors connected to the internet through smartphones that may be used for participatory sciences.