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Short Curriculum
Project ideas
Week 1: Principles and practices, project management
Week 2: Computer-aided design - Extra: Week 658
Week 3: Computer-controlled cutting
Week 4: Electronics production
Week 5: 3D scanning and printing
Week 6: Electronics design - Extra: Week 110
Week 7: Computer-controlled machining: make something big - Extra: Students I am proud of
Week 8: Embedded programing
Week 9: Mechanical design: group page
Week 10: Machine design
Week 11: Input devices
Week 12: Molding and casting
Week 13: Output devices
Week 14: Composites
Week 15: Networks and communication: long range distributed networks for environment monitoring
Week 16: Interfaces and applications
Week 17: Applications and implications
Week 18: Invention, Intellectual property, and Income
Final project
Final presentation video
Final project presentation slide

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