Final project summary

My final project for the FabAcademy2016 is a bluetooth low energy (BLE) weather station with its associated smartphone (in my case iphone) app. In this page I summarize the different steps that have been required to obtained a fully functionnal prototype. More details can be found on the PROJECT DEVELOPMENT page. The general scheme is the following:

It consists of sensors (Temperature, Humidity, Pressure) sending data to a fabduino which itself sends the same data using bluetooth low energy (BLE) to a smartphone app. Here is the final result for the weather station:

and here is a screenshot of the smartphone app:

Of course with a bit more time I could have get rid of the cable, integrate the fabduino, the regulator, sensors and bluetooth transceiver on the same board but I chose to prioritize a functionnal prototype. Creating the smartphone app took also a very significant amount of time.


Here is a video showing the prototype working with its app.

Bill Of Materials (BOM)


Bluetooth Low Energy Transceiver

Fabduino - Fabkit 0.4

The BOM in excel format can be found here.







Regulator board

Firmware and libraries

Cordova app

Update after 1st evaluation round

After 1st evaluation round, I was asked to include 3d printed parts in my final project. I decided to redesign and 3d print a new box for my weather station. The details can be found in the project development section.

The files for this new box are available below:


This project is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) License.