FabAcademy 2016 - Kavita Arora

Hello World!

My name is Kavita Arora. I am a participant of the 2016 Edition of MIT's Fab Academy program. I am taking this course out of the Fab Lab Kerala, located in Trivandrum, India. This is the first time Fab Academy is being offered here in Kerala, so I'm really excited and very grateful to have been accepted as Fab Academy's 1st Batch of students in Kerala!

About Me

I am a Creative Technologist collaborating with a new Bangalore-based Design Research Facility called [THE] Workshop. Over there, I help manage their Electronics Inventory and help conduct "Maker Immersion" programmes at the space. I also founded an online Maker community called Bangalore Makespace and Open Source Creativity in April 2013 - which happens to be India's largest virtual gathering for Makers, Hackers and Entrepreneurs! We have over 17,400+ members ;) I'm a huge advocate of the Maker Movement, and I believe in harnessing the power of collaboration in creative communities via group builds, local meetups and peer-based learning. You can find my complete bio and track all my updates via my facebook handle --> kklindor21

I have been living and working in Bangalore for the last 7 years, most recently as a Software Services Project Manager at a large MNC. Prior to relocating to India in 2009; I used to reside in Pittsburgh, PA, USA where I was working as a Research Associate at Carnegie Mellon University, also having graduated from there with both a Bachelors in Electrical and Computer Engineering (May 2004), as well as a Masters in Information Technology (Dec 2008).

Link to my FabAcademy Assignments

Week 1: Project Management, Principles and Practices [January 27th 2016]
Week 2: Computer Aided Design [February 3rd 2016]
Week 3: Computer Controlled Cutting [February 10th 2016]
Week 4: Electronics Production [February 17th 2016]
Week 5: 3D Scanning and 3D Printing [February 24th 2016]
Week 6: Electronics Design [March 2nd 2016]
Week 7: Computer Controlled Machining [March 9th 2016]
Week 8: Embedded Programming [March 16th 2016]
Mid Semester Break (Week of 22nd March 2016)
Week 9: Mechanical Design [March 30th 2016]
Week 10: Machine Design [April 6th 2016]
Week 11: Input Devices [April 13th 2016]
Week 12: Molding and Casting [April 20th 2016]
Week 13: Output Devices [April 27th 2016]
Week 14: Composites [May 4th 2016]
Week 15: Networking and Communications [May 11th 2016]
Week 16: Interface and Application Programming [May 18th 2016]
Week 17: Applications and Implications [May 25th 2016]
Week 18: Invention, Intellectual Property and Income [June 1st 2016]

Final Project Updates

Please see my Final Project progress here

Machine Design Group Assignment

Please see my Machine Design Group Assignment page

About the Kerala Fab Lab

I am completing Fab Academy 2016 at the Kerala Fab Lab based in Trivandrum. The facility is roughly 6-7 months old and we are the first batch of Fab Academy students who have the pleasure of participating in this year's course!