Presentation and Assignments

The next section displays my personal information and the documentaton for each task. Initially all the assignments for exception of week 1 will have a black image. The update of this web page will be weekly, changing the graph from the current homework

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Project Management


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Computer-aided Design


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Computer-controlled cutting


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Electronics Production


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3D Scanning and Printing


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Electronics Design


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Computer-controlled Machining


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Embedded Programming


 photo week9_zps1f01fa62.png

Mechanical Design/ Machine Design


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Input Devices


 photo week11_zps2a99b8db.png

Molding and Casting


 photo week12_zps1e811dd8.png

Output Devices


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Networking and Communications

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Interface and Application Programming


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Applications and Implications


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Invention, Intellectual Property and Income


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Project Development