Andreas Feron

Welcome to my Fabacademy page, here you can follow my work during all the weeks of the course.

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Who am I?

My name is Andreas Feron and I am a Fabmanager at the FABLAB of the UPMC (Université Pierre et Marie Curie): the PMClab .

Besides being a maker, I am also a physicist, I often build experiments just to show how physics is embeded in our world.

I spent a lot of time on scientific projects (Cymatics, acoustical leviation, 3D printed Michelson Interferometer, Peltier Cloud Chamber, DIY plasma chamber ...) .

I will then try to conciliate my work as Fabmanager,my studies and more importantly the Fabacademy class!

What I've done!

Final Project

A Peletier Cloud Chamber

My initial wish was to make a Peletier Cloud Chamber

A cloud chamber is a particle detector wich literaly allows you to see radioactivity.

I think it could be an awesome educational tool

I wanted to make a "Saloon Cloud Chamber" imagine having your own particle detector which allows you too "see" radioactivity!

cloud gif

Here you see a piece of Uranite emiting all kind of particles ( alpha,beta,electrons...) .

A Desktop Laser Plotter

But I changed my mind, now I want to build a small laser cutter/engraver, I want to inspire myself from the Reprap project and build a affordable and easy to use laser machine.

laser design