3D scanning and printing

Testing design rules of our 3D printer

We use this file for test .


First,I learn how to make data for 3D print.My lab have MakerBotReplicator2X,so I used maker bot desktop as a slicer.

I selected type of device, choose Replicator2X. " menu > devices > selected type of device"

I added stl file.Its direction was wrong.

I fixed its direction by rotate function.

I moved it to center by move function

I set printing parameters."Raft" is used when we print something lower part are separated and was laid apart."Number of shells" is thichness of surface.In the subsequent prints I used the same settings.

We use Right extruder mainly , so I selected right.Then exported print file(x3g).


Next , we prepared the 3d printer,MakerBotReplicator2X.

First , we set printing bed horizontally."Utilities > Level built bed"

Nozzle and printing bed was moved. We setted clearance between printing bed and nozzle was using paper.

Next, we set filament.

We use ABS 1.75mm

We opened stopper and plug in the filaent.

Push built button, then , start printing

2 hour later , printed!

our printer resolution


I used this file.
60mm bridge could not be made.0〜40mm bridge was OK , 4〜60mm was not good.


All overhangs (〜70°) could be made.


0.5mm radius hole could not be made. The holes over 1mm radius couled be made.

3D print

I printed the model that I made week2 (updated).I slice its same way as above.


surface treatment

I wanted to make my model's surface smoothly, so I tried to use acetone.

I put kitchen paper in Tapper and immerse acetone.
And pull the aluminum foil and put my model into the tapper and close the lid.

About 8 hours later, it melted...I should have checked every hour.

3D scanning


I used Structure Sensor.It is laser scanner attached to ipad.

It can scan thing only imaging on camera like taking video.

I scanned my lab member.

And he scanned me.It took about 1 minute.

fix mesh

The mesh data had holes so I fixed it before printing it. I used mesh mixer.

First, I tried auto fix.Analysis > Inspector > Auto Repair all.But mesh mixer was crashed.

So I fixed holes manually . I selected meshs around holes and then Edit > Edit > Erase&Fill.

But there were many holes, so I want to repair automatically.Iused netfrab.

Blue zone is parts repaired by netfrab


I printed me.

download files