Computer aided design

This week I learned about 2D and 3D design tools, types and how to use. Assignment this week is design final project using 2D and 3D tools.

download 2D design files

3D design file download links are below. In each section.

2D vector illust using Adobe illustrator

This is my final project, micro biosphere illust.

micro-biosphere illust

how to illust it

I placed the sketch I wrote previous week.

I traced it with geometry tools.draw square like this.

draw circle and line like this.

And I select colors with color panel.

And I wtite texts.I can select size and font with text panel.

micro-biosphere illust process

I had a problem of constitution of layers. Edit mode layer was made automatically, before I notice it,then constitution of layers became messy.

2D Raster illust using GIMP

This is my final project concept image.

micro-biosphere concept

original image by NASA Earth Observatory, IMG_8370 by ManNg

2D vector illust using inkscape

For making decal to use Fusion360 3Dmodel, I used Inkscape.


I exported it and import to Fusion360 as decal.I I lost the svg file. Only png remains.

3D model using SolidWorks

This is simple model of my final project.

first bio-sphere project by interestor on Sketchfab

how to model it

I had not used SolidWorks before, so I tried tutor.Next, I tried modeling my project.
SolidWorks tutor1 SolidWorks tutor1

Then I tried to model my final project

how to publish

I use sketchfab.

I have a problem. My file lack texture when I published via sketchfab.

download file

3D model using Fusion360

micro-biosphere image

First, I learned how to use Fusion360 from my tutor and a member of Fablab kitakagaya. I made a spinning top as a tutorial.


Next, I tried to model a housing of my final project in detail.

modeling process modeling process modeling process modeling process

I used user parameter to be able to change tickness of board at one time.

modeling process

This model can be separated part by part, I can image how to assemble it.

download file

3D model using grasshopper

This is bacteria's cube image. It will be in micro-biosphere, my final project.Bacterias clean water. So,the area touch with water should wide. I want to make its form like soap babble (efficient filling form) and its face like fractal, so I tried grasshopper.(In fact, I have not succceed.)

bio-unit image

how to model it

It is not bad, but I want to make baranches more thick and when I setted the thickness parameters of branches, it become error.And these shape are distorted, so it will not be mounted neatly.I am trying new model.

download gh file download 3dm file

Appendix:3D model using Antimony

I used Antimony to plan form of cube's joints. But difference components does not work I expected. And I could not array a combined object.・・・I think it is cooler that I write script directly, insted of making components to calculate like addition or division.

how to edit video

The original video was too long so I shorten it. I used Light works.