download files

First version

I followed the tutorial of Fab isp.


I Downloaded a ping of boad and make rml data for milling by fabmodule.


As a preparation, I put a plate on the work table and shaved the plate for making a horizontal plane.. Then I placed board on it and pasted with double-sided tapeI set a blade on the milling machine. I used an end mill 60 ° for trace and an end mill 90 ° for outline. First set the origin. I moved the position of the blade using the operation panel and bring it to the position where I want to set the XY origin. I lowered the blade, stop where the sound changed, press the "set xyz origin" button on the operation panel and set it as Z origin. When lowering the blade speed slow down like "high speed" → "low speed" → "10 steps". There is also a method of detecting zero-in using a sensor, but it is better not to use it when I use a thin mill because there is a fear of breakage.

I used Roland MDX-40.

I made a mistake several times.

built board

I picked components up.I did not know electronic components, so I learned it.

I soldered them. It was difficult for me to keep solder shiny and to apply an appropriate amount of solder.I mistook the direction of the diode and the direction of the microcomputer.


Before Programming, I tried smoke test.I connected my Fabisp to my computer. I did not receive error messages.So I download and install Crosspack AVR.Then I connect my Fabisp to my computer using AVR mark2.And tipped command like below.Then I had a error massage.

$ make clean
$ make hex
$ make fuse
$ make program

I tried to check my solder with electric tester.And I found a short circuit and circuit without solder. I fixed that places.And try again.I succeed!.

I used it to write program embeded programing week and other works.


I tried to make a circuit by laser cutter.First, I made vector data by illustrator.Then cut.I use Trotec Speedy100 with fiver. Parameters are below.

After cutting, I washed board by alchol.

Then, built a board. It almost same as version1, but this ver use 20MHz resonator instead of a crystal and capacitors.

I feel using laser is easier than using milling.