About Me

My name is Haflidi Asgeirsson, I'm from Akranes but currently live in Reykjanesbaer, about 70km from Reykjavik. I'm an Energy and Environmental Engineer and interested in all matters of engineering. I'm very interested in participating in the FabAcademy course and learning new things and learning better other things. Since 2013 I've participated in a group with the goal in mind to establish a Fablab in the community. We currently have a pretty well equiped makerspace, but not a Fablab. I am here to learn about all the things that the FabAcademy can offer, but also to understand what Fablab is all about. One of the things that we have been doing differently, as I've seen so far, is accepting all donations of electric outdated household equipment and started experimenting with them. We have gotten alot of interesting stuff and very useful componets for many interesting projects, since people even throw out useful stuff. All of the computers within the workshop were scavenged, alot of them were combined and fixed, so we have a mishmash of computers around. We also have a 3D printer - cubex duo, a chinese laser cutter - red sail, a roland vinyl cutter and a chinese CNC which name I can't remember.

Being an energy and environmental engineer it is very interesting to see, really, how big of resource electronic waste is. It must be handled with care, obviously, but once the right technique has been tought it is an endless supply of inexpencive source of materials. Especially if the waste was categorized in regards to which project each electronic device was good for.

I see fablab going very far in the future. I am very keen on getting to know it better and hopefully donated some information or insights back to the network.