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Project Management

Week 1


The idea of my project is to create a vessel as a technological artefact of interaction, communication and information sharing, which promotes the quality of life of the human being.

The objective is to encourage the cultivation of plants within spaces, in order to improve the environment visually, and taking into account the ecological concern with the problem of pollution.

My idea is to encourage the cultivation of plants inside the houses and to make people gain more affection for the plants and to interact with them.

This interaction must be created both at the level of the personal interaction between the plant and the human being. As a communicative level, making use of a mobile application that addresses the needs of plants such as light, water, nutrient, and human need in that it will alert to the need to control indoor air pollution .

Plant Air includes:

This is a small illustration of the project I am planning to do:

Wooden box

Where the vessel, the electronics, and the water reservoir are placed

Pot for plants

The pot can have several sizes depending on the space and plant that a person wants to plant


The plant is able to drink water when it wants throughout the tomes.With this reservoir, the user does not need to water the plant so many times and he can observe the level of water.

Box with electronics

The box is separated from the vessel and the water reservoir, so as not to damage the electronic components. Includes a CO2 sensor.


After thinking about the project I'm going to do, I started by sketching a few sketches to figure out what shape my vase will look like.

First I drew it on paper and then I did some illustrations using the Adobe Illustrator tool.

Make a website

In addition to thinking about the project that I will carry out during these long weeks.The first week of FabAcademy is also dedicated to building a website!

I've never built a website! So I start by downloading a template from the website startboostrap to make it easier.

The template file comes with html format files - which define the site content, in css format - that define the style of each site component, and files in java script.

For me to begin to understand programming and working with these types of files, I went to the w3school website, which explains step by step how to start programming in html and Css.

To program I installed Brackets and SublimeText. What I used most was Brackers because you have an option "live preview" in the menu that allows to see in real time the website and the changes that I am making.

And gradually I was building my site for the Fab Academy 2017.

Github and git workflow

After creating my website, it was necessary to create a github account to learn how to connect with git to put the website online from the Fabacdemy website.

Git is an open source version control system, very useful for handling projects.

With git I can work on my work and website from my computer and when it's ready to make my project and website public I send some commands that allow the project to go online and anyone to see.

To understand better, we can consult these pages, which explain better the git workflow:


  • I used the command terminal to send commands to the repository in github.

    This is a short list of some useful commands and basic concepts:

  • Copy the files from the repository: git pull
  • colonize a repository: git clone "repository-name"
  • add a file to our work: git add . "all-files-to-be-staged"
  • commit our work: git commit -m "some message"
  • send to original repository: git push

  • You should use the commands for this sequence:

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