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Final Project


For my final project I decided to make a plant pot, with an integrated CO2 sensor that allows to evaluate the quality of the air inside our houses.

The electronic components are used: Co2 sensor, microcontroller and bluetooth module which are modular boards connected to each other.

The bluettoth module allows to send the air quality data to the person through an Mobile Application


BOM - Materials used on Plant.air project

Materials used:

  • 10 unid. Copper sheet (2€ each)
  • MDF - Medium Density Fiberboard with 3mm (5€ each)
  • Silicone, resin, plastic for molds
  • Plant

  • Eletronic components used:

  • 1 uni. Attiny 44
  • 1 uni. bluetooth
  • 1 uni. Voltage regulator (5V to 3V)
  • 1 uni. mq135 sensor
  • 4 LEDS
  • battery 4.5 volts
  • 4 uni. Resistor 10Ohm
  • 4 uni. Resistor 0kOhm
  • 2 uni. Resistor 10KOhm
  • 2 uni. Capacitor 10uF


    More details about the development of the project in:

  • week 19.Project development