Final Project

A portable product photography studio, where the user could manage the illumination and personalize the infinite background.

Project Idea

For my final project i would like to create a portable product photography studio, because i think it will be useful to a lot of people, like designers, photographers, and also fabbers who needs a good photograph for their final projects.

The main idea is that it can be folded and has LED strips on the sides and top faces, all programmable for regulating the power of lighting and also handle some of the basic schemes for generating different lighting effects in photographs.

Some basics illumination schemes and their effects in the photograph.

Brief project

At the beginning my final project was about a drug dispenser, but then in the week 11th i decided changed my project to the lightbox photography. Because it will more useful for me and my career. From that moment, I developed parts of my project in each assignment to save time.

Can see how i worked in each assignment to develop my project in the following links.

W13 - Output devices - LED Stripes

W14 - Composites - LEDs Track

W16 - Interface and Application Programming - App design and programming

W17 - Applications and Implications

W18 -Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income

MIT Licence - Intellectual Proprerty