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3D designgineer | Lego Kahuna | photographer

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This is the "almost" final design of our machine. It's a Mexican spin on the "PancakeBot" only it plots & extrudes maize dough to "print" custom design tortillas. It was designed by me using CATIA V5 and it's currently being developed by Elias, Gabi & me. It's built using 5mm clear acrylic, laser-cut panels & ABS/PLA printed parts. It uses two stepper motors & belts for motion.

Originally it was conceived that all the 3D printed parts were to be printed using a Soluble support Stratasys printer, but our FabLab's Stratasys went out of order leaving us with the painstakingly task of printing them on a tiny Afinia (left) & an Ultimaker, resulting in massive delays. Engineering satisfaction it seems, is not without its array of frustrations.

Check back soon for updates on the build.