P R O J E C T   &   C L A S S   W E B S I T E

3D designgineer | Lego Kahuna | photographer

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Hello fellow Fabbers!

     My name is James Cat├ín, I'm 32 years old. I'm an avid Design Engineer and Lego kahuna from Mexico.
I've been building & taking stuff apart since I was 4 years old. In my Professional Career as a Design Engineer, I've imagined, designed, modeled, built & engineered all manner of products & tools. Be it a carbon-fibre-slash-bamboo bicycle, to a surface redesign for a Femur & Tibia prosthesis. I also have a deep curiosity for technical photography & filmmaking and lately I've been designing & engineering filmmaking  & camera equipment.


     Rock & Roll !!
For my
FABACADEMY 2016 Project I've chosen to build a 3-axis MOtion COntrol (MoCo) system for a Professional-Level SLR or a small cinematography camera.

Decent MOtion COntrol systems are prohibitively expensive due to their position-encoding systems. I plan to use a an Inertial Measurement Unit coupled with medium-grade encoders to achieve similar results for a much lower price. I shall call it "
Rock&Roll" since the tilting & panning motions are basically rocking & rolling.


Thank you for reading

Jim C.