About me

FabLab coordinator, librarian and historian of technology

My professional studies includes a high school degree in mechanical engineering (CEGEP in Quebec), followed by a few years as a professionnal draftmen and machinist. Next, I went to the university for a degree in History, then a Master in railway history, soon followed by another Master in Librarianship. Once this completed, I took my first full time job as librarian in Timmins, Ontario. During this mandate, I was responsible for the maintenance of a 3D theatre in collaboration with Laurentian University located in Sudbury. That's where I started to learn Blender and other Open Source software used for scientific simulation like Paraview and VMD.

I came back in Montreal where I was hired as a librarian for the borough of Côte-des-Neiges. I was a reference librarian for many years until a FabLab project was implemented for the new Benny Library where I was assigned.

I always had a fascination with space and always wanted to have a telescope. This course at the Fab Academy is a fantastic opportunity for me to use my expertise on subjects that I already know (technology, HTML, mechanical design, 3D printing) while adding new knowledge, specifically electronics, to create and design a telescope that fits my needs.