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Esteban Castro

A professional architect began in 2008, and for that year I had acquired experience in an office of architecture with multiple jobs.

Esteban Oreamuno

I am currently studying architecture at Universidad Véritas in San José, Costa Rica. I have a strong interest for kinetic architecture and I have considered this topic for my thesis.

Esterlyn Quesada

A computer programmer I have participated in many kinds of projects, from the most common such as accounting systems, product tracking, human resources, etc., to other not so frequent as genealogical record of horses, medical records and management of beach soccer championships.

Alberto Raygada

My professional background is in business administration I've always been interested in knowing how electronic and mechanical devices work and I love to make and experiment with microcontrollers and coding.I'm too a VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) developer specialy in MS Excel solutions.

Montserrat Ciges

Fine Art degree, Advertising and public relations degree, and Marketing Management Master. I currently assume the role of Innovation Manager in Fab Lab Veritas. Since 2014, I have collaborated in the Fab Lab network, as coordinator of the .ORG axis of Floating Fab Lab.

Juan Carlos Miranda

I'm a teacher. I work for St. Jude School since 2009. I've been exploring some educational projects related to technology for some time, trying to find creative and inspirational ways to design activities for our students. My main goal is for our students to create, and learn in the process of creating.

Damaris Cotto

Marketing professional with special skills in graphic design and laser cutting. Production Coordinator in a print shop inside a K-12 bilingual school in San Salvador.

Carlos Valladares

Salvadoran architect, autodidact, entrepreneur and dynamic, President of the Fab Lab San Salvador Association and co-founder of the Innbox-Innovation Box, Index Arch&City Studio and Reacción-Red de Acción Comunitaria.

Ivan López

Mechatronics Engineer with a Diploma in Industrial Design. Professor, Researcher and Manager of Digital Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping Laboratories at Don Bosco University.

Luis Fernando Castillo

Guatemalan architect and professor with specialization in urban design and planning. Consultant for mobility and territorial planning for the initiative of emerging and sustainable cities of the Inter-American Development Bank ICES QUETZALTENANGO.

Build it up CentroAmérica

Asociación Fab Lab Costa Rica

The Association was founded as an initiative of Robert Garita (Director of Fab Lab) in conjunction with the College of Architects of Costa Rica, as the first headquarters of the company, and the University of VERITAS as the first academic center.

Asociación Fab Lab El Salvador

The Fablab El Salvador Association is a non-profit, non-governmental organization was founded in January 2014 whose key objective is the promotion and implementation of Fab labs in El Salvador and Central America; given its location on the isthmus it has been projecting in recent years as a catalyst for innovation by using techniques and tools of digital manufacturing, and collaborated on projects from Mexico to Colombia (Northern region), through the FABLAT network and Build It Up Program in partnership with Fablab Costa Rica Association.

Fab Lab La Granja - Guatemala

La Granja Fab Lab first lab in Guatemala started at the end of 2013, a digital fabrication laboratory based in Quetzaltenango, which It is dedicated to research and experimentation of social innovation projects to provide local solutions in context with an important background and relation with the projects of Urban design and planning of the city with different stakeholders of this important department in Guatemala.

Machines for assigment

Team 1: Automatic plant watering machine

Members: Esterlyn Quesada, Montserrat Ciges, Juan Carlos Miranda, Esteban Castro, Esteban Oreamuno

Team 2: ‘MAGGY’ CNC Drawing Machine

Members: Damaris Cotto, Carlos Valladares, Iván López, Luis Fernando Castillo

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Universidad VERITAS, calle 31, avenida 21, Zapote, San Jose, Costa Rica, 10105.


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