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About Me

I am a Salvadoran architect, autodidact, entrepreneur and dynamic, graduated in 2007 from the Albert Einstein University with high achievements. I currently am President of the Fab Lab San Salvador Association and co-founder of the Innbox-Innovation Box, Index Arch&City Studio and Reacción-Red de Acción Comunitaria.

I also coordinate the extension of the Latin American FABLAT Network for Central America with Roberth Garita-President of Fab Lab Costa Rica Association throught the Program 'Build It Up'. I'm also member of the Open Hardware Community, El Salvador and collaborator for UA Bureau International Studio.

This experience its about understanding, exploring and creating a project to improve climate change effect involving kids and youth in this solution.

The project its part of my learning experience of the Fab Academy Course by Fab Foundation and created by Neil Gershenfeld - Director of The Center for Bits and Atoms.

I invite you to know more about this project in this link: KakoSV-Flickr

Some of my projects are:

Final Project:

[REACCIÓN KIDS - Enviromental awareness through data by kids and youth!]

The background of this project is related to the work that I have been involved in the last 3 years that combines technology, education, community based development and kids & youth. Throught different projects like 'Kids Making Things' that Fablab El Salvador Association developed in 2015-2016 with Kate Samson (Cognitive Scientist) part of Creativity Labs of Indiana University. We are focus in create an ecosystem of projects related to digital fabrication but also with creativity fields supported in constructionism theory, maker culture and civic hacking with open hardware development.

The scope of this project intends to make a bridge between rural and urban communities in a real exchange of kids and youth of different social status. The intention is to start a dialogue to connect the new generation of kids and youth. Additionally it looks to reduce the social exclusion and try together to solve enviromental problems like air polution and 'Explore, Measure and Make Awareness' to find better ways to make solutions to this big challange in El Salvador, Latin America and globally throught REACCIÓN-Red de Acción Comunitaria.

Concept Process

The process of conceptualization and philosophy.

Discovery + Collaboration

Design Process

The pipeline and development of the design phase.

Understand + Collaboration

Hardware Development

All of the related to hardware of the Sensor kit to the kids.

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Software Development

This section its relat software and programming of the kit.

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