Welcome to my pages.
I am Yrjö Louhisalmi
from Fab Lab Oulu.  
About me 
Final project

Assignment 1
Assignment 2
Computer-aided design
Assignment 3
Computer-controlled cutting
Assignment 4
Electronics production
Assignment 5
3D scanning and printing
Assignment 6
Electronics design
Assignment 7
Computer-controlled machining
Assignment 8
Embedded programming
Assignment 9
Mechanical design
Assignment 10
Output devices
Assignment 11
Machine design
Assignment 12
Moulding and casting
Assignment 13
Input devices
Assignment 14
Assignment 15
Embedded networking and
Assignment 16
Interface and application programming
Assignment 17
Applications and implications
Assignment 18
Invention, intellectual property and income
Assignment 19
Project development
Final project
"Many ideas progress like stairs"