Final project

Final project proposal

For my final project, because my work mostly refers to visual stuff, I want my project to go through that line of work, for take advantage of my previous knowledge on visual design, electronics and coding; and thus, the whole program. The part I want to explore is the physical one, related with digital fabrication, make a tangible project.

My first idea was to create from the scratch my own analog video synthesizer, but is more electronics work than fabrication; so I dismissed it.

For months ago, I have in mind create a "machine", something physical, to create some graphics/video/pattern effects for using it live in events in a analogic way, maybe recording it with a camera and projecting it in realtime; or even using the "machine" as a projection tool.

My intention is to merge early cinema techniques with new technologies. I was always interested on the formation of geometric patterns and the use of light as an aesthetic agent: a magic lantern, zoetrope, optical illusions...

This design installation gave me the clue on how to construct it:

It would be a box, with the mechanisms inside it, formed by a general hollow tube (for placing DC motors inside) and with mounts for the "disks" or "plates". With a light emmisor, the shadows will project in the opposite wall of the box as a final result to be recorded in realtime with a camera, being able to modify it in realtime via software

The idea is generate different geometrical patterns, based on disc animation items, various sizes, and combine them to create a final shape, modifying it by controlling the speed of the rotating gears (im thinking in two modes: auto and manual)

Materials i will need: Hollow tube, wood/cardboard/foam for laser cutting, LED Panel, gears, potentiometers, DC Motors, power supply, arduino mega & motor shield, HD webcam

The final goal is build a "machine" to create visuals and shapes on a mechanic way. I will start with 2 items and if it´s possible, add more modules. And of course, better schematics

In the assignment no. 2 i made a simulation of what I´m looking for.

There are a few (or a lot) of references:

Sigue el tablero fab de Marta en Pinterest.

Blooms: Strobe-Animated Sculptures from Pier 9 on Vimeo.



Experimental animation meets pottery from Crafts Council on Vimeo.

Modern Vanitas from Katie Turnbull on Vimeo.



Kinegram. Moirée Patterns

Shadow art