assignment 2

computer-aided design

2nd week

In the second week of the program, we saw different types of softwares for computer-aided design (2D, 3D, Vídeo, Parametric...)

The assignment for this week is represent our idea of final project using one or more of this softwares.

Because my proposal is based on the creation of shadows and patterns; and Im not experienced on using 3d Software, I chose cinema4D because of its user-friendliness and for being an 3D OSX compatible software

The first try was create a simple scene with two items and a light, and drop a shadow:

But in the render view there was no shadow:

I read a little about shadows and lights, and I discovered the mistake; the lighting objects have a Shadow sub-menu. By default, shadows are disabled.

Then I obtained the basic shadow effect:

Because Im not an expert modellating on 3D, I thought that my "disc" items for dropping shadows; I could draw them on Illustrator and then use them on Cinema4D.

There are a lot of tutorials of how-to import vector "logos" to Cinema4D and extrude the paths to obtain a solid item.

Making this practice, I found that my ideas were quite wrong setted out. I need to fix the whole structure to a box, and I couldnt avoid undesiredidable shadows; like wires or legs for fixing. And the positioning of the motors was complicated on that way.

I need to figure it out how to mantain the desired result; for now I achieved this 3-layer block. The middle one is fixed to the big tube section, with three spokes that joins in the middle, with an inner and smaller tube that holds two motors, one facing to the left and the other one facing to the right. Into the motor´s gears, is where I can fix my pattern discs to be able to rotate them. With this system, I also can isolate the lighting output, like a mask; then every item or wire that is outside the big tube, won´t make shadow.

I also found that I can set the intensity of the lights in Lux and Lumens, this is a great way to simulate what I want to achieve.

*** UPDATE ***

Proof of concept rendered while the process of developing the final project. The idea changed a ot :)

Adobe Illustrator File

Cinema 4D File

STL composition


Modelled experimental objects/part of a possible project in 2D and 3D software


Shown how you did it with words/images/screenshots


Included your original design files