Travelling around China - Hainan island - 2014

Hi! I'm Guillaume Teyssié, a 28 years old French millennial passionated about MakingGood


Global citizenship: I love travelling, embracing new cultures and learning new languages. This brought me to places like India, Africa, South America where I've been traveling and countries like England, Sweden, China, Hong Kong where I've been living. In 2014, I've moved in lovely Barcelona.
Protecting the environment: I'm a nature lover, sustainable development defender and big fan of outdoors activities like rock climbing, slacklining, scuba diving and flyfishing.
Brush your mind as you do for your teeth (Bhutanese Proverbs). I've discovered yoga and meditation 2 years ago and can't live without it :)
Social capital is as important as financial capital: Sociability, social capital and community development is what make your life taste better. What do you think ?
Passionate learner: The only stuff that you can't learn is passion.
Meaningful work: I simply can't work on something that does not make sense or doesn't benefit some greater good. The crux is to find a sustainable way to live from it :)

 Favorite quote “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” - Mahatma Gandhi 

Professional background

When it come to work, I'm a millenial :) When I get bored, I'm going to the next challenge ! I've an Engineering background with business and creative skillsets and worked in the field of Renewable Energy, Electric Mobility and the Smart City sector for both startups and international corporations:

Professional interests

#Self-SufficientCities #CleanEnergy #SustainableFoodProduction #HolisticApproach #Data #CitizenScience #CivicInnovation #MakersMouvement #TiersLieux #CollaborativeEconomy #CollaborativeCommons #OpenSourceHardware #OpenSourceSoftware #DecentralizedTech #Blockchain #CoopPlatforms #SocialEntrepreneurship #MakingGood

Next Challenge

In the last 3 months, I've been feeling a strong need to do more manual stuff, work for my own and get closer to the nature while keeping a foot in the technological and city's innovation world.

So at the end of December 2015, I dropped my job and started to explore complete new fields and business ideas, like the development of a flyshing collaborative platform, or the development of drinking water monitoring system, etc. On the way I've been having a lot of very interesting conversations and long discussions with passionate people....

Along the way, a topic discussed with my godfather drawn my attention: Aquaponics

Aquaponics is an agricultural technique that has anciants roots in the powerful times of the Aztec and abundance of ancient China. It offers the possibility to grow organic plants and fish in a symbiotic environment using 95% less water compare to classical agriculture. Curious to learn more about it, I started to do some research and found the aquaponics approach and possibilities were amazing, especially in the city context! I've seen in Aquaponics, an opportunity to connect various of my interests, skills, and values. So this is how Aquapioneers project is born !


Why Fab Academy @ Green Fab Lab ?

What has motivated me to join the Fab Academy in Barcelona and especially the Green Fab Lab of Valldaura is the offered platform / resources / time / structure / spaces that will help me discover / design / prototype / test aquaponics systems. I could not have dreamed of a better place, to be inspired, meet passionate and crazy people and have the opportunity to get my hands on aquaponics.