Final Project / The tool for making "SU"

1. Project Plans

2. Record of making (Outline)

3. Record of making (Details)

My theme of project at FabLab SENDAI is collaboration of digital fabrication and crafts.At my final project, I made the tool for making SU”. That is one of the tool to make Japanese paper, and it is like a bamboo blinds.
Generally, "SU" is made of thin sticks of bamboo or Japanese pampas grass (that is called "Susuki") and thin yarns such silk yarn or hair taken from the tail of a horse. And “SU” is made by the handwork of craftsman in most cases. and not the technique of making that have been digitalized yet.Then, I decided make the tool for making “SU” that capable of designing how to stitch.

- Laser Cutting Machine (trotec speedy 100)
- 3D Printing Machine (Makerbot Replicator2)
- CNC Milling Machine (Roland MDX-20)

- Rhinoceros, Eagle, Adobe Illustrator, Arduino, Processing

[Maretials, Components]
- 3Dprinted PLA, Laser cut Wood, DIY Arduino Board, Stepper Motor

[How to use the tool]