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Week 17 Assignment: Applications and Implications


         1.- propose a final project that integrates the range of units covered, answering:

What will it do?

My final project is a semiautomatic Jacquard loom, the whole system would be able to move each thread of the warp wich will have a density of 4 threads per cm. this system will be able to weave a 20 cm fabric.

Who's done what beforehand?

The first jacquard loom works with punched boards in a pure mechanical system driven by the user.

Today are versions of the jacquard loom with pneumatic, electronic and/or  piezoelectric systems that work in a very high speed for satisfy the industrial demand.

What materials and components will be required?



Tensioner mechanism








Fly shuttle








The principal components of the Jacquard loom are in the next list:

Where will they come from?

The reed I planed to do it in MDF or acrylic, need to run some test and determinate which material is the best option.

The tensioner mechanism is going to be build from a cylinder wood adapted to a gear with a releasable lock.

This mechanism is tested and is shown in this video:

I could use metal bars instead of pulleys for change the direction of the rising mechanism.

The servomotors will be bought, they should be small and strong for overcome the force of the springs.

The structure will be made of 12 mm playwood and 3 and or 6 mm MDF

For the control of the 80 servomotors I will need 3 atmegas microcontrollers, also the shields for send the signals and the boards with the pins for the connection of the servomotors. In case I wont have time enough to develop the boards, I will use Arduinos mega.

The springs fabrication have the same issue that the electronics, I can machined them but I will bought them if don't have time enough to build them.

The eyelets could be made of acrylic or wood, I have to run some stress test.

 How much will it cost?

In this list are the unitary and total prices of each component in Mexican pesos and USD with a exchange rate of 20

What parts and systems will be made?

I already mentioned some process to develop the components of the jacquard loom, in the next list can see if the are going to be made or bought

What processes will be used?

What tasks need to be completed?

The system that will raise the threads is the central mechanism of this machine, so first I have to run a conceptual test with the servomotors.

If I can make a functional mechanism, the other parts of the machine are relatively easy to develop.


When the conceptual tests are done, I have to do almost every part in software and then just get the pieces and assembly them.

 What questions need to be answered?

The big question of this machine is ¿The servomotors will be small and strong enough to move the threads?

 How will it be evaluated?

The evaluation of the machine will be trying to weave a the fab lab logo. Also I can measure if the servomotors are working like they suppose to do, if the machine is tensins the warp correctly and the reed is working.

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