Edward Octavio Muñoz Sandoval                                                                                                                   Contact: edw_ard0@hotmail.com

About me



I'm Edward Octavio Muñoz Sandoval and currently live in the city of Puebla, México.


I studied Mechatronics Engineering at the BUAP (Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla) and I´m  currently taking a course in plastic injection. I´ve worked 3 years in automation and electrical supply in automotive industry


I am currently working as a researcher at the Universidad Iberoamericana campus Puebla, specifically in the IDIT (Institute of Design and Technological Innovation), this institute work with students of different areas and some companys that come to us with a problem and together develop a solution. I work with specialist in different areas like electronics, programing, design, etc.


My specialty in this is area is the design and construction of automation systems. My activities are CAD of the prototypes, finite element analysis, manufacturing of parts, put it all together and make it work.

Edward Octavio Muñoz Sandoval

Researcher at IDIT



Cel: +52 (222) 4 70 57 22

email: edw_ard0@hotmail.com