FabAcademy//Dx.lab 2016
Ludic Box of tactile tridimensional conversion (aka BD3D) The goal is to convert a bidimensional drawing into a a tridimensional register by means of an interface of a tactile portable device (smartphone or tablet) in order to translate this drawing into a box with a reticule that would be able to represent this drawing in 3D trough a series of cilinders that move and conform using actuators/solenoids controlled by an arduino. By means of this box any basic geometric drawing done by children can be represented in this box with two goals, first is to achieve that a simple line drawing can be converted into a 3D model as a pattern of dots, the second one is to stablish precedents for a a future development of this device for larger and more complex objects promoting the understanding of a 2D drawing into a 3D model as a hardware peripheric transmitting in real time.