FabAcademy//Dx.lab 2016
Week05// 3D Scanning and Printing Test the design rules for your printer(s) (group project) Design and 3D print an object (small, few cm) that could not be made subtractively 3D scan an object (and optionally print it) (extra credit: make your own scanner) Working files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6hwe6jaeg2mzf4k/AAAN9zE1F57VAm9yW9FgMgAva?dl=0
The 3DScanning with 123DCatch was awesome...a landscape view of Pachuca city in Mexico http://www.123dapp.com/catch/Pachuca-Mosaico/5251641 Another excersie using a chair but it was not as easy as it seemed... Annotations and Problems found: The more shots you have the better they are captured
A parametric model was generated with Rhino+Grasshopper..then printed on a Prusa i3 by Makermex Annotations and Problems found: Setting up in Cura was a process of try and error...in spite of the specification of the 3D Printer