assignment 3

Computer-controlled cutting

3rd week

In this week we are introducing into computer-controlled cutting, vynil cutting and laser cutting & engraving.

Vynil Cutter

The big Roland Vynil Cutter didnĀ“t arrived yet to our lab, so my colleague Jose and I made the tests with the Shilouette Cameo, a desktop cutter.

First, design what to cut. I chose to made my personal logo, designed by my friend Jorge Bouza. There are the explanation about how the identity was built, fitting on a pattern system:

It was quite use to cut with this machine. It has its own desktop application, so we could import a .png image or an vector file like a .dxf.

The precision and force of the knife was manual-setting, and we could set up the type of paper, size, cutting speed and type (continous cut or "dashed") from the application.

Laser Cut

I already have some experience with laser cutting, but I made the initial steps with our machine at the lab to learn how their workflow is.

Their machine works with AutoCad, so we need to export .dwg files with the proper color layering info to make difference between external cutting, engraving, rastering, etc...

First we tried with a little piece of methacrylate, and then with dm "wood"; testing parameters with different materials.

Press-Fit Tests

Before making or our press-fit invention with cardboard, my colleague Jose and I made a little test with rounded pieces and a basic chamfer; with a piece of 3mm cardboard.

We also made some testing pieces to check the right connection size with this cardboard. We realized that 2.6 mm was the better fitting size.

Press-Fit Piece

I decided to make a lamp, I have one spot at my place with no one and I thought it would be a good exercise.

After making a lot of tests with Inkscape, Rhino, Antimony and 123D Make, I chose the most practical and simple option: Adobe Illustrator. The new Adobe CC version has a new function called "live corners", that allows to create chamfer corners with only two clicks.

I added a line pattern hatch to the pieces for engrave something and not only cut.

I think I should have made the fittings longuer, and maybe I can design a cover with paper to improve it, and It would be better looking with other material like slim wood. Ando also take care of the details and hide the wires properly :).

Adobe Illustrator File Simple

Fitting Adobe Illustrator File

AutoCad File

Vector Logo Illustrator File


Explained how you drew your files


Shown how you made your press-fit kit


Included your design files and photos of your finished project


Vinyl Cutting - Explained how you drew your files


Vinyl Cutting - Shown how you made your vinyl project


Vinyl Cutting - Included your design files and photos of your finished project