assignment 18

invention, intellectual property, and income


I don´t see Eixo (the project has name) as a product, It´s a personal "artistic" research for experiment with movement, light and animation patterns; I was thiking about this field for years and the fabAcademy was the better excuse to finally start with it.

Intellectual property

Because i´m using mainly opensource software to develop the project, it makes sense to have a Creative Commons "license". This license has a lot of possible variations and customization. I see it like the opposite of Copyright ( It allows full rights to the owner of the work (that may not be the very author), and he's the only one that may decide what to do with it, whether to charge for it or not, besides having to request permission for usage. Distribution is only restricted to the owner of the creation, that means the license only allows possession but not distribution)

For this project, because I don´t see (by now because it´s a prototype) any posibility about earning money with it, and all the code and files will be hosted in the fabAcademy repo, I would choose:

  • Attribution
  • Non-Commercial
  • Share-Alike
  • Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA


    Because I´m still in development, I can´t wonder what is going to happen in the future with the project. But I know and I´m realizing that while I´m working on it new ideas and issues appear, and for sure it is a prototype and if I have the possibility (I hope), I´ll be working on it or in new variations after the Academy ends. I´ll be super satisfied if I can finish it working a prototype.


    Summarised two kinds of licences and explained why you chose one


    Dreamed of possibilities and described how to make them probabilities