assignment 1

principles and practices, project management

1st week


Personal Website

Our first assignment was to create our personal website to upload to the fabAcademy repo. I use to code almost every day, but never HTML or CSS.

I looked around the Internet for free HTML templates and I found a lot! I chose one from and decided to customize it. My last experiences with web design were always with content managers like Wordpress or Joomla; or even more in the past, with Flash. So this is a good opportunity to learn a little bit of HTML5 and CSS.

First I started on local, trying to figure it out how the template work and chosing the parts I need. For that purpose, commenting/uncommenting code is the thing. Im not used to this HTML labeling, but is quite easy to find if some block of code is closed or not

I found that some items were only available to modify from the CSS, with the help of some tutorials I could access and change them easily; like the header images from the articles, to have them isolated from the others and not use the same pic for every assignment/article.

Then, with the main structure of the web decided (and waiting for the access to the fabAcademy repo), I uploaded it to my personal hosting meanwhile to make some testing; using the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software Cyberduck.

I chose HTML5 and a responsive template, to be able to open it from different devices, like a smartphone or a tablet, being the design adapted to all resolutions. This is how it looks from my iPhone:


For this second part of the first assignment, we have to make some tests with control system software git

First, create the Terminal SSH Key for gitLab and save it in the computer:


I´m used to manage git repositories with Sourcetree, but I have no problem to work with Terminal:

Test file changing one file at the repo with Git:


The steps are the same everytime: Fecht for check if something changed on the repository. Pull for download that changes. Then if we have some file changed locally, first Commit it and then Pull it to the repository.

Little tips for work with Sourcetree

I made this "tutorial" for help my colleagues at EU Fab Lab, and I though It would be useful to someone else.



Final project proposal

This week, we also had to propose the initial idea for our final project. I made an apart site for it. It´s here


Made a website and described how you did it


Introduced yourself


Described and made a sketch of your final project


Documented steps for uploading files to archive


Pushed to the class archive