It's time to make things happen
How to Make [Almost] Anything! · Fab Academy 2016 · Barcelona

Step by Step

Jan 27 // week_01

principles and practices
project management

Feb 3 // week_02

computer-aided design

Feb 10 // week_03

computer-controlled cutting

Feb 17 // week_04

electronics production

Feb 24 // week_05

3D scanning and printing

Mar 2 // week_06

electronics design

Mar 9 // week_07

computer-controller machining

Mar 16 // week_08

embedded programming

Mar 30 // week_09

Apr 6 // week_10

mechanical and machine design

Apr 13 // week_11

input devices

Apr 20 // week_12

molding and casting

Apr 27 // week_13

output devices

May 11 // week_15

networking and communications

May 18 // week_16

interface and application programming

May 25 // week_17

applications and implications

Jun 1 // week_18

invention, intellectual property, and income


final project

About Me

I'm father,husband,freelance,software developer, vailethacklab and bike [brompton] lover. Within 24 hours, enough time to make [almost] everything ;).
I live in Badalona, a small town by the sea and the people I love.
If you like code, music or cooking we'll be good friends.

I'm multimedia engineer, graduated at La Salle Univeristy. Although I have experience as a designer or 3D modeler, during last 10 years I have been working as a software developer and project manager at Ambar VS (co-founder).
But now, It's time to change.I really want to adquire practical capabilities in digital fabrication, feel and think as a MAKER and start new professional projects.