Week 17

applications & implications


final prject description

I willl do a Jam timmer's little helper meaning a device that will allow jam timmers (a specific ref in roller derby) to keep track of jams and time on a roller derby match.

what will it do?

Allow to track time, stop time when needed (time out, official time out or simply stop time during jams if jammers calls it off)

I also want to project that information live for the public, wether on a screen (or projection) or with an app/vibrating bracelet.

who's done what beforehand?

Leagues currently use one app for android. See below.

Of course apps have some limitations, the main one: they deppend on a device. Meaning if non-free they may be bought every time a new celphone is being used. Then, this particular app has no communication with any other device (that's a proble since per the official rules time must be displayed live during the game)

The functioning of the previous mentioned app could def help me out to write my code, however no independent device has been done before.

Yes, I really want my jam timmer's little helper to ope like a pollypocket (serious inspiration stuff here).

how much will it cost?

Can't cost more than 12$ since this will only be a prototype. The real one may be more expensive, I am guessing arround 22$

So many more questions answered below:

And for non-gantt-believers please see below a list of tasks with no clue on dependencies.

how will it be evaluated?

Running cronometer tests (kind of easy to tell if it works or not, really). Possibly during a scrimmage too (A scrimmage is a non-official match. hard core Roller Derby terminology)

lab-made parts to-be

I will try to make as many pasrts of possible for my project. Starting with an arduino board and going up to screws. Can't promisse I will print screws, will try to keep a fast paced project and do as many components lab-made as possible.

Hello visitor. No files were created during this week except for my Gantt scheme you can check online here.

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