Week 18

invention intelectual property & income


I 've chosen my license in creative common's website.Since the instructor that is currently reviewing my page asked for further development on this assignme I will briefly explain whay creative commons is unbelievebly awesome, its approach and two type of licenses I will certainy use.

Guru's special request

What creative commons did was (besides from amazing): decoding the license and intelectual property for non-lawayers bases on a 3 layered system. We all know inventions sometimes are protected, brands are sometimes registred and that intellectual property and artistic license can usually be the queen of a dispute. The thing is we don't need to get lost into the brands and inetllectual property hard legal code to have a general idea of how to clasify our work and what do we want (or not) the world to be able to do with it.

License #1

I will use this license for my Jam Timmer's lil helper and my whole website of Fabacademy.

Creative Commons License
You can find further info on it HERE.

Why? Because if anybody can make it better meaning: improve the code, improve the board, or the device itself based on what I developed here I would want him to share it with the world so we could keep improving the device.

What's cool about this is that no commercial reproductions can be done. So the only possible outcome is a pyramid of knowledge that feeds upons people's hard work, ideas and contribution.

What I like abouth this is that I will be able to post this as an open souce project (not free, open source) and all derby users will be able to fabricate this in their own lab for a super cheap price, and I will also be able to work on a sellable version maybe raising funds on kickstarter o similar plataform. The Derby World needs this.

License #2

I hesitated between the following one. I could have chosen this one too:

Creative Commons License
Click here to find further info on it.

Why did I hesitated? Well basically the main difference between theese two license is the terms in which further users do what your creation. The previous one does imply that people will need to use the same terms with their new creations meaning the circle of sharing knowledge and building knowledge upon shared knowlegde and sharing it again is infinite. This type of licese however does not imply the user of your creation will have to use the same terms as you did meaning he could noy share his improvement.

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