Mechanical Design
The assignment on machine that makes machine is separated into 2 assignments. This week, is the mechanical design. the task at hand is to design a machine that uses the gestalt boards but we do not have gestalt board so we have to build our own motor driver. the machine we have decided collectively is the 3 axis plotting machine with an interchangeable end effector. the passive parts, such as the frame and sliding parts have to be designed and built, assemble the passive parts, and operate by hand to test for functionality. Of course, one of the important task is to document the group project and individual contributions. The end effector of our group project is interchangeable, hence the options are open for us to implement. but the time constraint is imposed. we only have 2 weeks to complete. For this quick project, we have decided to use pen as the end effector for our group CNCvplotting machine project but as a group we are looking the way we can use the idea we generated in these weeks to impove our education policy in our country after fabacademy so that the student they can use local made mashine in their dairly life learning journey like 3D printing, PCB milling and so on

Also, as a group assignement for this phase of the project we were pretty much both involved. Just to make it clear, Here how we separated the tasks :

task division
At the begining we made a simple 1 axis controlled controlled by bebouncing method commanded by 4 pushbutton one for up, second or pause, third for down and the fourth for On/Off for spinder spining this is how we made our mashine and we was so fast in making because after butting everything together we spend only one 24 hours to assemble, testing everything and and it was working as we wish .

But after making our weekly review with our remote instructor enrico bassi (we do not have local instructor) we figured out that we have to change the mashine we made so that it can be computer numerical controlled(CNC) and moving on more that one axis. so we started in new mashine that i described above in introduction of this assignment. let se the progress in assignment 10 week 2/2 machine design
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