Machine Design
The progress after the assignment 9 week 1/2 mechanical design

As I said in previous assignment we changed from one machine to another so my task was mostly on on dearling with electronics circuit and programing of it to be honestly this is the challenge for me so i started to make deferent research on how i can controll 3 motor at the same time according to g code or any other file so i decided to make my own stepper motor driver but the milling bits we have are 1/64" soit is hard for tracing the path of A4982s but i tried my best and but finaly the circuit doesn't work so i tried PAR8SOIC AND L293D H brige motor driver but yeah and i received my result but the chips was becoming so hot so i decide to used analog method of using mosfet as motor driver and i made an arduino shield of that mosfet that can driver at least motors of 3 axes i was thinking that after testing my driver i have to build my drive and controller at the same board but final i didn't achieve my goal because in Rwanda we hosting Transiform Africa summit and i was obliged to be their in the exhibition as fablab representer and we have to show other what we can do includes our machine so that why i lost my time combining my controller ATMEGA 328P based and my motor driver at the same board but i hope as a team we shall finilazed this assignment and as well as its appilication so that it can be used as education kit mostly in archecture, electronics and many failed many times as possible

after making my mosfet based stepper motor driver i started to looking or code io tried to build my own but it doesn't succed so i look over the internet and i some code but exactly they do not work on my motors and motor driver so i create my own sequence this how the sequence of turning muotor looks like in the code i downloaded

and i make some changes in sequence of motor triggering

because of hurrying in testing due to assignment submition and atteding Transform africa summit i forget to document every thing even i lost where i save my eagle files for this mosfet motor driver but final i found where i exported my PNG file for milling (am sorry for that)

now our mashine is working