Electronics Design
  • Redraw the echo hello-world board
  • add (at least) a button and LED (with current-limiting resistor)
  • check the design rules, and make it
Redrawing the echo hello-world board

Within Redrawing the Echo hello-word i used eagle 8.1.1 i like this eagle software because I am using windows computer and 3 years of license of Autodesk I like to lean many thing behind the PCB production so that it will be easy to help my fellower colleagues in their daily life electronics protyping even to increase my skills in PCB design First all you have to add fab.lib library in this location "C:\EAGLE 8.1.1\lbr" Fab Libray in Eagle lib forlder

Using the hello-world board PCB digram as a reference, I designed from scratch the electronic schematic. with 14 pins (the ATTiny44a)and the FTDI connector

normal hello world

i opened eagle and i move to Add and Use I so then choose fab lib in order to use the content of this libray

Choosing fib lib in eagle
after importing library i created a circuit and as well as Board layout recreated hello world + button + led + limiting resistor
Check Design rules

for checking Design Rule in eagle i moved to brd(board design) and i clicked on DRC icon as shown in redish circle in figure bellow

Design rules ckecking and i checking all setting a deside to make them as defaultDefault setting after processing design rule check i found almost 21 errors (may be am not a good design!!!!)


so i decided to check connection line by line and i founded that there are same connection was overlapping on pin instead touching on them and after that I chacked Design rules again until i find no errors

after editing

exporting PNG files and generating *.rml file
i exported PNG files from file so that i can use fabmodules for exporting *.rml file
PCB Milling

As I did inweek 4 for electronics production i used the same process just go to fabmmodules and open the png image choose roland mill and on trace use the pcb trace while on the cutting edge use the pcd outline then calculate the tools path and save *.rml file.

tool path calculation

after that open your millining mashine coraborated software on my self i used Vpanel for SRM 20 and set the origin point of my milling mashine then i start to fill my files

setting and start milling

I used Roland monofab SRM20

Roland monofab

PCB Soldering




hello board ready

Download files
All Package:EAGLE FILES,PNGS, AND Fab.lib