Electronics production
  • The assignment is to make the FAB (tiny)ISP in-crcuit programmer
      my isp

    I downloaded a rondomly usbtiny circuit based on ATtiny44 and 45 i tried to understand how the circuit works with that attiny lower speed microcontrollers and finaly i buid my circuit in Eagle Autodesk

    Eagle bootscreen eagle board
    download file:
    1. eagle shematic
    2. eagle board
    after design and setup component on PCB design i exported my pcb top part to PNG image file. i used high resolution in order to have a clear image without brur effect on it exporting to PNG flie pcd trace and outline PNG image

    Fab modules

    After designing and exporting our design we need to provide the (*.rml) file which will be used by our Roland monofab SRM 20 in milling process.

    monofab SRM20

    Generating (*.rml) file

    any web brower will work here just go to fabmodules website then click on Image and browse where your exported png fine has been saved, after immage has been opened click on output Format then click on Roland mill(.rml) then click on process then choose pcb traces(1/64) for circuit milling, after choosing thr process then choose output mashine in fiels located on left side of the fabmodules web on my side i choose to use SRM-20 set x0(mm); y0(mm); z0(mm);to 0 this means the mashine is going to start from the orgin point you set on your milling mashine exactly.

    then under process pannel click on calculate in order to generate rml file before saving the rml file chech if all connection has been removed if not try to export the image again but now use high resolution than previous

    rml from HIGH resolution PNG rml from LOW resolution PNG
    A generating this file click save and ready for mill

    set up monofab SRM-20 and milling

    you have to be carefull on this step otherwise you may break the endmills so be care full

    First atach double sided tape on bottom of your pcb and then overlap it to the base of mashine chech well if the pcb if fixed because the PCB must no move it has to be well fixed on a plate
    setting double sided tape fixing pcb to plate choose right endmil set origin to start from confirm origin point and click on cut browser you rml file click on output mashine is drilling

    soldering,hero shot and programing

    soldering the componets on the board again be care full on this step on active components (zener,LED,ATtiny) you must follow they orintation cannection on board like all chips pin one is in parallel with a dot upward on it, this image was taken under digital microscope in order to know the polarites of LED

    after soldering the componets its time to make a smoke test but on my side i didnit connect it directy to the power supply but i chech every thing well before connecting to the supply.

    mashine is drilling
    my hardest part i faced in this fabacademy is this one after making my board i tried to program it by usinG window 10 and it fail, after 2 days of testing and fail i moved to lunix and at the beginning i want to instal dual boot on my PC. But in case of making a partition i made a mistake and i erase my whole pc files (it was my first time to install lunix OS in Pc)i instralled lubuntu os and it crush before completing i shift to kali and the same it didn't get installed ony my pc after one more day i fund elementary OS is also lunix version i like it outlike but it didn't succed in programing my Board so i decide to reinstall my win10 for other uses and finaly i fund ubuntu 16 and now it working fine with my ISP On programing i follow this instruction this is how i did:
  1. connect arduino to my computer and upload arduino as Ip Sketch
  2. connect my ISP to arduino using ISP communication
  3. i open terminal and start typing this command rml from LOW resolution PNG

  4. after i move to desktop by typing

  5. then download firmware froam FabAcademy repository by typing

  6. unzip the downloaded firmware
    I have to edit firmware according to my programer
    am using arduino as isp to do that i type
  7. in terminal
    in new opened windows i comment all two line for AVR and USBTiny programer and i write a new line like this then CTRL+SHIFT+X keys to exit nano Makefile
    then i continue by typing
  8. I got a message

  9. then type
  10. I got a message

  11. then type
  12. I got a message

  13. then type
  14. I got a message

  15. every thing seems to be fine I am done with ISP programing now i have to check if my ISP is being recognized by my Computer i did this by typing
  16. and i find this name in devices connected to my computer this means that my ISP is working fine
  17. After checking every thing i upload the blinking shetck to my arduino uno using my Fabbed ISP
  18. FabISP
  19. modified firmware