VTOL pesticide spraying drone is the drone with the following goals
  • The VTOL Drone is designed to take off vertically, hovering, fly horizontally and land vertically.
  • This technology of VTOL Drone is a good flying machine solution because it saves space and infrastructure needed for Drones to takeoff, and Land.
  • be as affordable as possible
  • resizable scale
To do so, i will use HD styroam foarm as structal material, with cheap components
Who's done what beforehand?
Here some exhisting projects that I considered as my inspiring projects
E-flipe Convergence
3D Printed Cargocopter Drones
What materials and components will be required? & Where will they come from?

The project is divided in different parts:
  • Structure
  • Electronic
  • Software
  • standard parts

  • The structure, the pcb, and the smaller functional parts are made with CNC milling machine, lasercutter, and 3D printer. I started from the work done by Joop Brokking, for the electronics, studying the Beside specific componets bought online store of aliExpress from HongKong like RC Parts, everyting else is easily available in a local hardware store and as weel as in fablab inventory
    How much will it cost?
    An estimation price is:

    as shown below but the items founded in fab inventory are not listed
    Download proposal budget here
    What task need to be completed?, what parts and systems will be made? and what processes will be used?
    here below there is a sumary of the parts i made and the one i bought

    I have to make all part mostly fuselage,wings,and motor arms then assemble everything together and test the weight according to motor thrust , determining CG (center of Gravity) of drone designing a flight controller and test it check PID settings, looking for Authorization of outdoor testing and record the result the result
    what question need to be answered
  • What is the the layout of my vtol?
  • how big it has to be?
  • What is the maximum weight its will lift?
  • which control mode is going to be used on this VTOL?
  • so from that i started to ready every thing about flying plane specification in order to have the layout and the size favorable for my VTOL.
    What is the schedule?
    Timing is big thing to consider while you are working for any project due to my timing i was obliged to have more time than what i had because of many aerodynamics calculations i need to do before start doing any thing and i didn't have any idea about his mathematics of aerodynamics means i have to make mush more research about this so that i can make threoetical estimations in order to start every thing so i only have 20 half days for my project from 1st june to 20 june so to achive my goal my i asked permission on my university in order to postponed my exam schedule so that i may do my exam after every thing about this project ended, by chance the accept my proposal so from that i have 20 full days of doing my project and testing. the time i have i divided into 5 parts:
    structure building(12 days)
  • 3D & 2D design
  • 3D printing:elevons-hinger, motor mounts, elevons-hooks wing supports,
  • milling the fusalage
  • making wings with hotwire
  • lasercuttig the wing profiles, wing-let profile,
  • reinforcement of every part by making composite
  • painting the parts
  • assymbling every thing together
  • test gliding parameters

  • Electronics & Codes(3 days)
  • determing number of I/O ports need in order to choose micro-controller
  • designing flight controller based on I/O ports
  • Testing and deburggging
  • Project Documentation
  • testing and record fails
  • deep searching the cause of fails
  • collecting the fails
  • testing again
  • providing final result
  • How will it be evaluated?
    this project is going to be evaluated in defferernt stage
  • Good: making structure as its have to be (aerodynamics shape)
  • Very Good:Testing a flight Controller working using costum codes
  • excellent: putting everything together for test
  • Perfect: bot excedding the time limit