[WEEK11] Machine Design

Link to the MTM global webpage of our team is here.

0. Overview

I mainly made the following sections.

1.Mechanical design

I designed mechanism to push up pins.
I adapted rack and pinion mechanism because it was simple and could be rapidly made. A stepper motor turns pinion gear, and rack gear is pushed up.
I used the following site to generate gear data.
Involute Spur Gear Builder

It was set as follows.

I couldn't open the DXF file downloaded from this site with illustrator directly .So I opened it with Inkscape and converted it to SVG file.

And then, I edited the shaft hole design to fit tightly in the shaft of stepper motor with illustrator.

I deisgned a body with Fusion 360.

The internal design is as follows.

I assembled all the parts and attached a stepper motor.


pinpusher_gear(.ai): Download the file
pinpusher_body(.ai): Download the file
pinpusher_spacer(.ai): Download the file

2.Electronics & Programming

I designed electronic circuit and wrrote program that the rack gear goes up and return to the origin.
I used Aruduino UNO and the following devices.

I wrote the program as follow.


Finally, another member integrated this program into the machine program.


reliefProtterZmotor.ino: Download the file

3.Box redesign

We made a prototype with cardboard priviously. Next, I modified some parts and designed data for MDF.

Attached a bearing

The friction of the shaft part was large, and a lot of load was generated when the motor was in operation. So I attached the bearing to make rotation smoother.

3D print clip

In order to prevent the side wall of the box from spreading, I attached the box clips.


base_complete(.ai): Download the file
base_bottom(.ai): Download the file
gantry_complete(.ai): Download the file
boxClip(.iges): Download the file