Applications and implications

What will it do?

AutoFarm is a device that helps people to take care for plotted plants. It can be implanted in any plant pot and then it will water the plant automatically when the plant needs water.

The project will have a soil moiture sensor. It will be connected to a microcontroller that will control a servo motor which is controlling a 3d printed ball valve of a water container. When the plant needs water, the servo will open the valve to water the plant, when the soil is moist the sensor will sense that, so the microcontroller will send a signal to the servo motor to close the valve. The system will be powered by a 9v battery, and everything will be fixed on an acrylic piece that I will design and it will have vinyl parts on it for the logo and to make it look nicer.

Who has done what beforehand?

Actually I worked on a similar project with my students in a school. It was just giving a blinking LED alarm when the plat needs water, and it was done with Arduino. I want to take the project to another whole level. I want to make it as a product that anyone can buy and add to their plant pot.

There are similar project out there. One of them is this project that I found in Instructables. It is a very nice project and similar to my idea. But mine is different because as mentioned before, it will be a product that anyone can buy add easily to their plant pot. And another example is some worked with soil moiture sens in Fab Academy for the networking week. But he just collects the data from the plants using the sensor.

What materials and components will be required? Where will they come from? How much will it cost?

What parts and systems will be made?

What processes will be used?

What tasks need to be completed?

What questions need to be answered?

What is the schedule?

How will it be evaluated?

My minimum project requirement is the nozzle opens when the soil is dry and the water flows to water the plant and then the nozzle closes when the soil is moist.