Composites (May 4)


Below you will find my dictation, notes and documentation about the processes I went throught with regards to completing the Compoisites exercise. Each of the step and processs will be covered in seperate sections. The goal of this exercise was to be able to create a composite batarang. A link at the bottom of the page will take you to all of the files that I created for this exercise.

VCarve/Aspire and ShopBot

I first begin the lesson by creating a batman logo in Vcarve/Aspire. I first setup my document properties to fit the deminsions of the material, including the thickness, width and length. Next, I imported a bitmap image of the batman logo. After importing the batman logo, I used the trace bitmap tool in Vcare/Aspire to get an outline of the logo. After creating the logo, I cut it out using the ShopBot. This pieces will hold my material. It is basicly an inversion creation mold from the Casting and Molding week. You can see this mold in the image below:

InkScape and Laser Cutter

Next, I created a batman logo cut out in Inkscape that was simialr to the demisions of the ShopBot cut out piece. This file will cut out burlap. It end up being 5.25" wide by 3" height. I cut multiple peices out of the burlap to place inside the mold. You see this in the images below:

I cut out another 20 batman logos out of the burlap once I had the exact fit. I will layers this with resin to create a compisite shape. You can see this portion in the images below:

Resin Process

The resin was mixed using a 2:1 ratio. After mixed the CLR Epoxy - A with the CLR Hardner - B, Tom created a sqaure pool for the resin to be in out of aluminium foil for us to use to dip our burlap pieces. I used wood wax to lubricate the mold and than used a pain brush to get ride of any clumps in corners and etc. I dipped and saturated the burlap pieces in the resin and placed them in the mold. Due to using the mold, I did not have to dip each piece, because, I could push down on the burlap and the resin would pool up through the new piece saturating it. After placing 12 pieces of saturated resin, burlap togther, I pushed down hard to make sure there was not space in the mold. Next, I took one of my casts of the batman logos from the Molding and Casting project and waxed it, so I could use it to push down on my burlap pieces. Finally, I used a inverse mold to clamp down on top of the batman logo. By clamping it all together, it allows for pressure. We left out the leftover resin to use a timer to be able to see when our compistes would be dry and hard. After the compisites were finished, we pulled them from the molds and trimmed the extra matieral the ran out of the mold. I highly recommend wearing a lab coat or something like it as well as gloves, because, this process is messy and very sticky due to using the wax and the resin. Below are images of this process:

The resin took about 3 hours to set up. Once it was finished, I used a flathead screw driver and needle nose pliers to pull out the composite. Below are the images of my finished project:


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