Fab Academy - Final project

For my final project I made a suitcase sized CNC machine that can milled from aluminium and POM (Delrin) sheet stock. All the electronics except the motors can also be made in a fab lab. My design builds on the excellent prior work done by Jens Dyvik in the Fellesverkstedet - Fabricateable machines project and the Satsha-boards Satshakit and Satstep6600 made by Daniele Ingrassia.

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Jakob Nilsson - Fab Academy student

This is my student home page for Fab academy 2017 which I am taking in Verket Fab lab in Moss Norway. You can follow my progress through the course on the assignments page. If you are looking for a quick reference I recommend checking out the tutorials section.

I'm A 35 year old inventor from Sweden living in Norway for the last five years. I have ten years work experience as an mechanical design engineer, entrepenour, consultant and innovator. Much of my previus day work has been done behind a screen designing things and solving problems. Now I want to improve my fabrication skills so that I can realize my own ideas and see where that takes me. I have also put up a projects page to track my ideas in general.

What is Fab Academy?

Fab Academy is a 5 month course in digital fabrication, which basically means making things with smart machines. Now in 2017 about 260 students spread all over the globe are taking the course in paralell and the lectures are given via a video conferencing system. Read more about it on the Fab Academy web page