For this weeks assignment, we were asked to explore as many 2D and 3D softwares as we can, and model a possible final project. Whenever I used a software I tried to make it related to my project as well as going deep into it, to test the strenght and weakness if it.

2D Design:

1 - The first thing I did was creating this image using GIMP after combining several pictures:

I used these three pictures:

I used GIMP to make the modifications to these pictures:

The first step was removing the background from the first two images:

Then I combined the two images with the dune background:

My review on GIMP:

I think that this is a nice software and easy to use software giving to account its an opensource software, i mean the tool i used to cut the images was very powerful and easy at the same time.

2 - The second thing was creating a logo for my project using kirita and Inkscape, but still I didnt but the name for it:

The first thing was drawing the camel by hand and scan it:

Then I imported the drawing to kirita and colored it and added the glasses:

Then I created the logo boundries and the ribbon using inkscape:

Then I added the drawing to the logo:

My review on Kirita and Inkscape :

For me i think that Kirita is a very good drawing software, I mean it has all the tools needed for drawing amazing pictures and its for free (open source), on the other hand Inkscape at the beginnging was good but going through the desinging stages it keep crashing, especially when I tried to uploud the drawings and modify them.

3D Design :

The first software I used for this weeks assignment was Antimony, so I tried to model my skatebourd using it.

My review on Antimony:

for me this is the first time I use a 3d desing software like this thing, I mean its different from any other 3d design software that I used before, I mean to use nodes and tables to create 3d models this was something new and that was challenging for me and I like challenges, at the end it was hard but fun.

The second software I used was Fusion 360, and I modeled another design for the skate board:

My review on Fusion 360:

I really like this software, because I think its very powerful when it comes to 3D design, it has so many tools combined in one software, like model, render and animation.

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