Applications and Implications:

So for this week we are assigned to propose a final project that integrates the range of units covered during the previous weeks of fabacademy,and we will do that by answering these questions.

  what will it do?
  who's done what beforehand?
  what materials and components will be required?
  where will they come from?
  how much will it cost?
  what parts and systems will be made?
  what processes will be used?
  what tasks need to be completed?
  what questions need to be answered?
  what is the schedule?
  how will it be evaluated?

What will it do?

My final project is an Electric Desert Skateboard that you can skate with it above the desert sand.The main function of this motorized skateboard is to withstand the nature of the sand of the desert because any normal skateboard would sink in the sand if it would have been used there, so I will try my best to get up with something that will allow me to do that, and the second function is that it will be controlled via a remote to have control over its speed, so that whenever you want speed up or slow down you can do so using your remote and also to switch it on or off.

Who's done what beforehand?

The first thing I did was looking through the archive to see if someone did this project before, and I found a guy named Kosuke Kaneko from 2016 class who did an electric skateboard, it looks good but I did not like the final look I thought it's a bit big and the box below the skate could have been done better. the other thing I noticed that my skateboard will have more fabricated parts than his, apart from this there is a lot of people on the web who had done electric skateboards like this guy who did a very good job and I liked the final product because it looks like something you would buy from a skateboard shop, and a lot of pthers, but at the end I found that none of them could be used to skate in the desert, which made an advantage for me to add something new.

What materials and components will be required? Where will they come from? How much will it cost?

All of these three questions will be answered through this table:

What parts and systems will be made?What processes will be used?

These two questions also am going to asnwer using this table:

What tasks need to be completed?

What questions need to be answered?

I have a few questions in my mind about the future of this project,the first one which is obvios will I be able to drive it in the desert and can these wheels really drive in the desert and am also concerned about the pulley, but the major question that I have in my mind is, can this skateboard really withstand my weight ?, am not afraid from the composite board but am really worried about the axle like how I'm going to make it , but at the end I have really a good feeling about this project, because at the moment its one of a kind.

What is the schedule?

For now I dont really have a fixed schedule but I have arranged some deadlines for the project based on the remaining tasks.

How will it be evaluated?

like for me now am more worried about finishing the whole thing on time but as evaluating the final product I think the evaluation will be based on many things, like of course the final look of the skateboard also the weight it can carry in the desert also the speed at which it can be driven in the desert.

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