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note: dont't expect brilliant stuff here,this is not an assignment (I know, you wouldn't expect brilliant even if this was an assignment).Bref, just posting some of the ideas that come to my mind in order to avoid loosing both: track of thoughts and my mind.

Week 01

I have been tossing and turning arround several ideas. Will post only one of them for now since I don't want tol lose focus for next weeks. Chees (I'm quite a fan and the game has changed so much with technology and data processing). I thought about building a cheesboard that can calculate probability of winning in each move and that can show (eg: with light) the possible next moves a player has.
Yes,this could also be educational oriented or so. My current concern is what I will focus on during the Fab Academy: wheter in exploring the experience player-board-player, or making pieces move on their own and exploring that movement, wheather the probabilies and their variation all along the game.

Week 02

Some chess projects at MIT's cba do create chessboards which is massive help and serves a guide and glimpse of what has been done before and LIMITATIONS. I found this amazing shadow chessboard project and his project limitations (eg.mechanical or data programming).

But, since this week's main focus is computer aided design my focus was on what aesthetic or procedure I will use to design all pieces.

Week 03

I don't want to build a chessboard anymore. This is nonsense.

We were supposed to design a joint or type of joint this week using the laser machine.

What i did instead is a joint that joints. Yes, inspired in the concept machine that buidls machines (less great too).
You can check this lil turnout in my third week

As for the chesssboard, I broke up with him, I'm now hanging out with a window (or just a canvas/frame) that can sense and respond to multiple values picturing messages or patterns.

This new idea came up chatting with Alvaro Cassinelli from Montevideo's Fablab who has been working on similar projects like this one.

Week 04

I often see this type of assignment (thank you Sara) and believe merging the idea of knitting and image is interesting.

Keep holding to the idea of funky-moving-message-vitraux- window. What's next is to determine what the container would be, what the image or message would be made of and what path or how will that message be formed. Those questions expects answers I've already be thinking of of course.

THE SUBSTANCE. Possible mediums: air or water.

Air can be interesting if tha canvas would no remain flat, I min of the stress would be put in the geometry rather than the flat patter. The geometry would anyway generate a pattern of course.

Water may create a more smooth particle distribution and would be. Problems: water purging/changing.

Week 05

Hello. I don't remember this week

This is alvaro's project I mentioned before. My current concerns are two: 1) I dont want to make a plain anything (needs to be 3d) no plane tissue etc etc. 2)I cant the animation (or whatever it can be called to be fisically real)

Here the infrastructure of the animation is real but not the animation itselft since it's light. I mean.. light is real yeah.

Week 06

Bon marché references. Last artist that was invited: Chiharu Shiota's. She nailed it.

Ai Wei Wei did his own too, paper based. Love the art, not what I am looking for.. still sharing in case anyone feels inspired.

Week 07

Come back later. I missed this week.

Week 08

After embeded programming I can picture how difficut this is going to be. i may have to reduce the scope of work and develop afterwords a more complex project.

Here's a machine

Here's the link to that project. I like the fact that the machine can incorporate and vary several colors. what I'm not so sure about is the fact that it knits (or clads) a given path (lamp). I understand the sensibility here is in the thread and not in the shape of the lamp, still I would like o expore variation of morphology.

So above you see the dicotomy, to thread or not to there

To thread or not to thread.

Week 09

Hello Machine. I am still pretty seduced by knitting and saw this week a new one released on thiswebsite.


Week 10

I did some more reaserch on weaving, knitting and all his machine friends. Thisopen source machine took over a year to be designed so I'm wondering if I could develop a portion or a prototype or an improvement on it as a final project.

I no longer like this. Still, see how lovely this is:

Output week made me slightly to change my mind. Not on doing a knitting machine but to focus my attention in a smaller, or more concrete final project: a jam timmer.I play derby and officiating is way worse than hell.

There's only a couple of applications for jam timmers and they're for android meaning this leaves behind all of those with "no-androind smartphone" or with "no-smartphone" which is MOST PEOPLE OF MY LEAGUE. Really.

Yes, it looks pretty basic (and it is). Here's a more complex one:

There's another one that's a weavering.Ehm

Here's a Silk Pavillion which looks more interesting..I could maybe create a spacial weavering or something that can adjust weaving to specific paths.

Week 11

Machine week. Good week to think about a machine. Here's the sheme. I will explain it if the random enlights my name.

I thought about this machine during our drawing robot assignement and the problem was (Santi help me with that): if the engine turns allover the canvas you cannot tell the position of the rotatiing pen. But if this happens wirh a spool of thread you don't care cause the thread keeps foloowing its path (inside the canvas).

Above some first basic ideas of guides, "topes" and basic mechanical movements.


Week 12

Need to upoad thoughts. Will do. I'm Late, I'm late, to a very important date. No time to say hello Godbye I'm Late i'm late i'm late.


Week 13

This week I am tilting over doing a jam timmer. Maybe it's not as great as a knitting machine but a concrete bounded project and that involves many learnt skills. I don't like it's bounded. kdjsfhksdhfmnsdf

If you have o idea what I am talking about when I say Roller derby you can chek my league's website or my tenthweek and check my lil scheme explenation:

Week 14

this week assignement reminded me of pollypockets and how much I disliked them, but if I can fit a jam timmer in a pseudo polly pocket: HUGE SUCCESS.

Fabacademianly thinking it can easily have a quite variety of acquired stuff. From 3d printing, laser cut blaba to boad making, output (screen-s- and blinking led), programming 3 cronometerns in 1 device, make all this a nice design (openable and closable) aaand, more important: needs to have communication with pc or wherever the time is being transmited live (usually projected in wall)

Then curvy things and hyperbolic paraboloids opened a new range of threads (conformed by straigght threads or sth like that.

To jam timmer or not to jam timmer?

week 15

Started to test output programming with LCD keypad shield. I used thisone and the same code shown in the example as test.

Some new sketches on the exterior cocoon and the cronometers ecuations:

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