Final Assignment

Overview Page

Video explaining how it works

Final Project Explanation from Gautam Prakash on Vimeo.

The Why and How

In India, the Government supplies municipality water once or twice a week, unlike in developed worlds. Water is a scarce resource. In a typical home, without a well, we don't know we will run out of water. Even if we do, we need not know how much to optimise water usage to make it last till we get more water.
I am creating a smart water management system. This prototype will understand water in storage and change supply rates to increase the time to empty. As shown in the above image, inputs include
Presentation video is here.

Gratitude to

Anirudha Mysore, Kuldeep Dantewadia, Ohadino Ohad, Team at Reap Benefit, Fablab CEPT, classmates and friends here, Ahmedabad, Family. Big shout out to Saverio for evaluating my work!

Details now

  1. Water supply monitoring:
    1. Understand from user input, which days of the week water is supplied
    2. From water meter, verify the same and inform user if the water is not supplied. This will be extended with certain features to incorporate into a smart city concept.
  2. Water Storage: Track water stored in different tanks like Overhead, Supply Sump. Will be extended to Septic and Rain Water tanks
  3. Water Usage: Different sections of the house can have meters introduced to track its usage. The user can be informed of
    1. Sector-wise usage and analysis on which sector is draining water fastest
    2. Usage change required